Miguel beat me to the punch with his post documenting child abuse, forcing a toddler to wear a mask.

My son has gotten in trouble at school for letting his mask slip below his nose.  He’s seven.

I’ve read all the studies and here is what the latest data says.

When testing with dummies, i.e., they put a mask on a dummy and aerosolize virus sized particles around the dummy’s face and measure how many particles the masked dummy inhales vs an unmasked control dummy, what they have found is that a cloth mask reduced the particle count by 1%.  Disposable fabric masks, e.g., the dental hygenist mask or nail salon worker mask that you buy in a 10 pack for a few bucks, reduce the particle count by 10%.  The best of the best KN-95 masks reduce the particle count by a whopping 65%.

So when some fuck-ass bureaucrat says “a cloth mask is better than no mask and therefore you should wear one,’ what he is actually saying is “on a dummy, under perfect mask fitting conditions, the dummy will only inhale 99% of the number of virus sized particles that it would have if it were unmasked.”

When studying mask mandates, what is crystal clear is that in every city, state, and country where mask mandates have had zero effect in reducing COVID transmission because take the 1% particle reduction of cloth masks, and then add to it all the error that comes from human beings moving and talking and not fitting masks correctly, etc.

I said all the way at the beginning of this shit over a year ago that mask mandates were going to prove worthless.  I have spent too much time in respirator training for working in industrial environments where we have substances in the air like hydrogen sulfide, lead, or carcinogenic dust, and have been through all the testing and fitting, and warnings you can get sent home without pay if you don’t have a clean shave every day to know that just telling people with no training to just put something over their face will have any chance in reducing airborne transmission.

The point being, mask mandates, like the masks themselves – except very specific masks, under very specific circumstances, worn by very specific people – are absolutely worthless.

That said, it is time that governors start inforcing anti-mask laws again.

Every COVID mask should be treated like a Klan hood.

Honestly, they are tantamount.  It’s just a symbol that the wearer is a Democrat who wants you to be stripped of your civil liberties, segregated far away from them, and quite possibly killed.

The onus should be on people who want to wear useless masks to get a doctor’s note for permission to wear one in public.

Without a doctor’s note, mask wearers are arrested on sight.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “It’s time to reinstitue anti-mask laws”
  1. Exactly. Just a symbol…and also an opportunity for folks to be their own little petty tyrant. They’ve always been a joke.

  2. It’s not about safety, it’s about control. It’s also morphed into it’s own form of yellow star so the virtuous can look at the unmasked and know they’re untermensch.

  3. Masks work when you are coughing and sneezing.
    For “everyday wear” their efficiency drops by the minute.

    There was never a point in making symptomless people wear a mask.

    Well, except first as a panic reaction and then for control.

  4. There’s a lot that people don’t get about this issue, but the most important part is that reducing the virus count by 1% or 60% doesn’t matter. At all. That kind of reduction matters for sawdust or pollen or something someone is allergic to, but reducing the virus count to one single virus particle getting through could be all it takes.

    Viruses replicate – they reproduce by taking over the cell’s machinery. If one particle getting through the mask makes it to a cell it can get into, it reproduces and one virus particle turns into billions.

    Go look at how people in biohazard labs work if you want to see what’s required.

    Anybody who has had to work with poisonous substances knows what it takes to get a good seal around a mask and keep out individual molecules. That’s what it takes to nullify the virus threat.

    1. “…but the most important part is that reducing the virus count by 1% or 60% doesn’t matter. “

      Spot on. A buddy of mine is terrified of catching the WhuFlu. He is convinced that masks make a huge difference, despite evidence otherwise. He recently cited a study/article where a HS class was infected by the teacher, and apparently the students closest had the highest viral load, and those further away had almost no viral load. It spread out like a wave, so to speak.

      Main reason why I think the story is BS is viruses do not act that way. They infect, and if you are susceptible spread quickly, if you are resistant, spread slowly. Then there are the other questionable claims.

      Regardless. There are people out there that will come down sick because a single virus attached to a single cell and replicated, and others that will not get sick in any way, despite a massive exposure.

      1. It actually makes perfect sense. The people that took in more, generated more. That’s just simple math. The key point is, they all got infected. So the viral load count is meaningless.

          1. Even if they did, the number of virus particles in a given person at a given time depends on the starting number. So the starting load does matter.

            If the virus load doubles every 10 minutes, to pick a random number, then if you start off with being infected by a single virus, an hour later there will be 64 viruses in your system. If you start off being infected by four viruses, then in an hour there will be 256 of them in you.

            That said … The person with one starting virus will always only be 20 minutes “behind” the one starting with four.

            Again assuming equal replication rates, no immediate immune responses, et cetera.

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