It did not go well for the OCer. His ass got banned from all Walmart stores.

This guy’s attitude makes me suspect he knew Walmart banned the open carry of firearms but he decided to do an “audit” for shits and giggles. I am also going to assume that the management did not even ask him to leave but went straight to cops.

J. Kb. said it well: When you OC, you are a very visual representative of the Gun Culture, don’t be  dick.  And before you start going all Chest Thumper® screaming “Muh Rights !” you mustn’t forget that there is this thing called Private Property and it needs to be respected.

I do believe the OCI (Open Carry Idiots) bunch do not have an idea how much good will they burned out of regular Open Carry folks and the rest of the Gun Owners.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “Open Carry in a Kentucky Walmart after the ban.”
  1. I knew the friggen idiots would start coming out. LOOK dumbass. You aren’t doing Right to carry any favors. Just conceal the damn firearm. I never carry open anyway. I reserve that for those doing cowboy re-enactment fights in ghost towns.

    1. I’m sorry so what if you don’t open carry. Your attitude is the same as Democrats and snowflakes do as I say not as the law says. But then a right not exercised is a right lost, you are the perfect proof of that.

      1. Because running around carrying a full sized rifle while wearing a plate carrier is really helping things. Just because it is LEGAL to open carry doesn’t mean that it won’t mobilize the soccer moms to get a law passed banning many firearms, but hey, you sure showed them who is boss.

      2. Do you speak in other way that is not parroting slogans?
        The dickhead had no right to OC inside Walmart, just the privilege offered once by the company and now removed because of assholes that were too petty and too shortsighted to choose the proper time and place to pay G.I. Joe

  2. Did the Store post the required sign forbidding open carry? If not the store is in the wrong for calling the cops. They must ask you to leave and if you don’t then call LE.
    All I could find is a sign prohibiting concealed carry.
    So the store MUST make their policy clear at ALL ENTRANCES with a notice, which technically has no force of law.

    1. But nothing stops them from asking anyone to leave, unless the reason is for race, nationality, sex, etc. The real question here is if a manager in Kentucky has the legal authority to ban someone from all stores nationwide, including Sam’s club, which IIRC, is a separate company.

  3. This is why I’m encouraging my followers just to lie low for now. Of course, we don’t have to worry about them, but the idiots who never heard of the thing I do. Those are the assclowns.

  4. So it seems that Wally World is now superior to the 2A, and a request is not a request – IT’S DA LAW. What a load of *&^%.

  5. If they really did go straight to the cops without politely asking him to leave or cover-up, then I can say with 100% that they are violating their own policy (which I physically read not more than 4 days ago), and may very well have put themselves at risk of a lawsuit (especially if they haven’t complied with legal requirements for GFZ signage).

    Of course it could be that they did ask him to leave and he told them to fuck off, but in that case I think the cops would’ve been more on-edge.

  6. I do not know Kentucky, but a Florida business owner or representative can issue a trespass without having to give you a motive. Also I believe that legally a manager does not need to confront anybody they may deem unsafe and call the cops straight.
    And yes, with approval of the store manager, you can get your ass banned worldwide. It is a fairly unusual thing to do, but I have seen one company do it.

  7. Since Walmart did not ban open carry but requested it he should sue them. I don’t know where people think that Walmart banned open carry? Since they only requested patrons not open carry.

  8. The policy very explicitly states that police are to called ONLY if the OC’er is being threatening or otherwise unsafe and just as clearly states that if the customer is not being a threat then management MUST first ask politely for the them to leave the gun in their car. If this guy was just doing normal shopping and they went straight to ‘call men with guns to confront him’ then that store manager is probably going to get a talking to from the district boss for the heavy-handed response.

    Though I will concede that there probably isn’t grounds for an actual lawsuit in this case.

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