Is CSGV and The Left itching for a kill?

This is not the first time I see this posted in the CSGV Facebook page:

It links to an article by MediaMatters in which they set the case that the NRA is anti-union and actively attempting to destroy them by inviting gun manufacturers to move to Right-To-Work states. About the only thing I heard is that states where the laws are friendly to Gun owners are telling Gun Manufacturers to move in as any state would do during a recession to companies that are one of the few that are actually making money and hiring people.
Now, we have seen lately that the unions are cranking up the rhetoric and their thug actions against those who dare oppose them.They are being openly aggressive against the media, to Longshoremen storming he Port of Longview, sabotaging trains, kidnapping security guards and holding up signs in the following manner:

Yep, that is a baseball bat. And he apparently was not alone in his choice of sign carrier but according to press reports, many fellow union thugs were similar armed. For all intents and purposes, if wielded in a threatening manner or actually used against a person, it goes from sporting equipment to deadly weapon. And that allows a legally armed citizen to defend himself with deadly force in many states.

Now imagine a picket of Union Morons in front of a new firearms factory opened in a Gun Friendly state trying to intimidate local workers with such “signs”? In typical Union fashion, the picketers rush against the workers “signs” held high and….. After the dust settles you may have several Union bodies on the ground and CSGV and the rest of the Antis will happily decry the crazy gun owners that attacked “unarmed & peaceful” Union representatives who were just exercising their First Amendment Rights.

Maybe I am being a bit overly anxious about it and CSGV is not conspiring to have Union Members killed to advance Anti Gun Laws, but we can safely apply Hanlon’s Razor:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Unfortunately both are regular part and parcel of CSGV and the Laddittes.

Menu for Sunday

Breakfast will have the obligatory biscuits form scratch, bacon and real sausage.

For lunch we will have mashed potatoes & grilled pork chops marinated and with a glaze of orange juice & sugar. Enough garlic in the marinade to kill a battalion of vampires by opening my mouth. Sort like what happens to Wall Street after an Obama Speech. Apple pie for desert.

Supper will be leftovers that most definitely will involve pork.

Remember, Sunday is Pork all day. And yes, you are right. That is why.

M.H.I. Patch Contest 2

God have mercy! There is a new MHI patch contest in the making and the entries are just amazing. I was thinking about doing another one (Turkey Point Undeadwater  Corps, M.H.I. Miami) but my Photoshop skills are none and so is the software. And again, the competition is just too damn good I’d hate to do a crappy one.

If you know of a good site that can generate patches or stuff like that, let me know. But do go to Larry’s site and check the worldwide (yes, worldwide) entries.

UPDATE: Screw it.. The best designs sometimes come without thinking too much:

Yes, we have a sub. No, I am not telling you what and where. Patch based on Blackbeard’s pirate flag.

Doing the right thing V. Doing the right thing.

From the SWAT Magazine Facebook page:

I agree and also did many of the commentators. The truth is there are no easy or correct answers when something like this happens. We as civilians are not paid to go into harm’s way or have the responsibility to do so. In 100% cold terms, our priorities should be 1) My life, 2) My Loved Ones lives, 3) Everybody else lives.

Then again we are the good guys. When we see something wrong, our upbringing, training and morals make us want to intercede and put a stop to it. Also, nothing wrong with that line of thought.

We are also realists. We know that sometimes there are no happy endings, the prince does not end up with the princess and unicorns do not fart rainbows. We will make decisions that will weight heavily in our souls and there is nothing we can do about that.

Brady & Co. defecating building materials because of a Glock.

I gather they are upset about the Glock Raffle in Pima County. I had never sen the therm “Neo-Christian Cult of Economic Rapists” before, at least one realizes Gun Owners are not the dying breed the Bradys would like everybody to think, several go in a synonym competition, one has a sequence backwards proving once more you should not trust what Antis tell you about guns. The inevitable Goodwin Law makes its appearance, one is happy she doesn’t live in Arizona…and Arizonans agree plus the usual attacks to the GOP.

Amazingly enpough, the NRA is not targeted. Unless that is what the guy meant by Neo-Christian Cult of Economic Rapists” and I have been missing meeting because nobody told me.