The curse of the Evil Gun. The New Jersey Tale.

Remember always: It is not the choices you make that bear responsibility for your actions. It is never your fault even if you did it on your won. No sir, no way, no how: it was the gun and the violence that emmanates from an inanimate piece of metal.

That’s according to Meredith Mandell and Elizabeth Llorent, staff writers for as the weave the tale of poor Mathew Malave. You see, poor Matt’s mistake was not that he was in a gang or that he was dealing dope (what kid nowadays does not do something like that?) or that he got shot twice for his extra curricular activities, Matt’s mistake is that he succumbed to the siren’s call of a gun that jumped like a cursed object in his hands and transformed him into a killer.

I can only guess that the writers of the article and many anti-gunners believe that gun makers add some sort of evil zombie additive to selected guns. This additive will transform any rational person into a Jason Vorhees or Freddy Kruger-like killer that will mow little children in a park without any remorse. But never that people are responsible for their actions or decisions and that the “enlightened” souls are the true at fault for their stupid social engineering and feel-good philosophy they’ve been shoving down our throats.

John Cusack overwhelmed by his percieved self-importance?

Hollywood actors seem to think they are at the command of the world and must impose their will and thoughts on people. The latest moron to spew what any rational person would consider Hate Speech is actor John Cusack who in his twitter account wrote:


John is a good actor and have enjoyed some of his movies but it is sad to see what their own overdeveloped sense of self importance can do tho his mind. Of course (and no doubt influenced by his publicist/media consultants) he said it was all a joke. Of course we knew it was, we know how spiritually advanced these Hollywood types are and how well they respect other points of views and everybody’s rights.<snicker>

More and more Hollywood reminds me of a Carnival’s Freak Show. And we are so advanced now that we don’t have to sneak inside a seedy tent after paying a dime to see the bearded lady or the fish man, they come out to play in the streets for free!

Facepalm News: Closed mouth gathers no foot.

I did not realize that Police Officers in Florida were subject to the same regulations as civilians regarding the purchase of guns, waiting periods and all. And the writer almost had me on his corner till he had to eagerly suction his colossal hoof.

A citizen with a Florida concealed weapon permit who has taken only basic firearm training and has not sworn an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution can purchase and take a firearm home the same day after passing a criminal background check. However, a formally trained police officer who qualifies for proficiency in firearms regularly as a professional is required to wait the Broward County mandatory five days.

Did you really have to piss on your fellow shooters and possible clients in order to make your case?

That was very stupid. I guess I’ll will not be visiting Dixie Guns and Ammo anytime soon or recommending fellow shooters to spend their bucks there.

Sometimes one wonders if they are worth saving.

Hissy fits across San Francisco because the last gun store is re-opening for business. Is this a source of illegal weapons? No. A dangerous place to have in a neighborhood? No. Some lone redneck opening a brand new stroe? Nope. The store has been at the same address for 50 years.

The problem is just plain hoplophobia with a good measure of fake intellectual superiority.

Still, the Northwest Bernal Alliance and three other local groups are urging authorities to deny a permit to High Bridge Arms gun store on Mission Street after a brief closure because its members don’t want such a place “near our homes and/or schools.”

Officially, the organizations are not opposed to people owning guns, Alliance member Jaime Ross told me. They’d just “rather have something the neighborhood could enjoy – a laundry or wine and cheese shop.”

Really, why do we even bother with fruitcake city? They do have a right to be highly stupid and they exercise it well.