Sebastian, I understand your view but:

We are not talking about a simple (or complicated) political or social misunderstanding here. It is not a difference of opinion on a dark point of the law. The battle for the Second Amendment is about some things tangible and some that are not. It is the respect of freedom and the respect for life. Brady and its bunch were not disagreeing about possibly raising taxes to pay for a new highway project or if a contract is enforceable or not. They were directly subverting my right to defend myself. They were making an overt attempt against my life and the life of my loved ones. There is no difference that they used the law or a gun, the end result was to disarm me and leave me ready to be attacked by the wolves and that I do not take kindly.

McDonald is not just a “case” or an argument or a amicus curiae. Mr. McDonald is a human being which was denied the tools for defensing himself in a violent neighborhood. He is fearful and living a cloistered life because some politicos decided that he had no right to own a handgun. These politicos do not live in the same neighborhood as Mr McDonald and if they leave their mansions, they do so with privileges and bodyguards not available to the rest of the citizens in the community they reign. These politicos are First Among Equals, the Pigs More Equal than Others. A Ruling Class and Royalty in our country exacting power on the rest of us.

Now stop for a second and think of the innocents murdered in Chicago through the years. Think of those that might had an opportunity if they were allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights but could not because a local government said they are not worthy. Doesn’t that churn your guts? Are you so intellectually removed from the everyday mud it does not affect you? It does to me and it does to a lot of people.

So when you say “that it’s not too much to ask to be civil to our opponents in this debate” I and many others cringe. It would be like sitting down with Lavrentiy Beria and debate about how naughty he was doing all those things inside Lefortovo prison.  Or akin to sharing a hot chocolate and a spirited discussion with Che Guevara about his “pedagogy of the paredon ” (wall where you place those about to be executed by firing squad) to teach the lessons of the Cuban Revolution.  Make no mistake: Brady and Hamm did not pull a trigger or stabbed anyone, but they did and still cooperate with the killing of many.

You have friends and family that are anti-gun? So do I and so do many in our cause. Some were anti-gun but changed their views. Some refuse to own a gun, but do not make any attempts to curtail our rights. The very few that were active against my rights are no longer part of my world and know damn well what I think of them.

We never wanted to impose anything. We simply demanded our rights and never tried to exact our views on anybody. We wanted the choice to defend ourselves, a choice to live and it was denied. Brady and the like did their best to stop those rights, caused death and they are responsible for it. After much fighting, we are turning that idiocy little by little and I really don’t feel like being civil/appeasing/compromising to enablers of murder.

I am glad that Mr. McDonald’s case will be resolved in the Supreme Court and in our favor. He needs a real chance and not a fake guarantee of safety where none exists.

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Let’s be nice? Are you kidding me?

It has been a couple of days after the McDonald case was presented to SCOTUS and almost 2 years since we won in DC v Heller.  According to experts, it seems that McDonald will also go our way.  And with the tons of new pro Second Amendment laws sweeping our country, we are finally seeing a reduction on the encroachment of our Gun Rights. Some in our side seem to think it is a good time to be magnanimous and be nice to the losing side. To play “gentlemanly” and have them over for Starbucks and sconces. I am NOT one of those, hell no.

First, if anybody thinks the likes of Sarah Brady and her minions are done, they are sorely misguided or are doing some sand mining face first. I am not inviting the snakes into my house when I know damn well I will get bitten. Yes, they will appear civilized too and sit to “discuss” in order to come up with “reasonable” ways were everybody is happy. We are civilized, right? We can compromise! That’s the American Way.

BULLSHIT. I want satisfaction.

I want satisfaction for every murder victim, every person wounded by violent crime, every rape victim, every relative of those victims that actually bought the myth that being disarmed was safer and paid dearly for that misguided belief with life or blood or tears.

I want satisfaction for every crime committed in a Gun Free Zone where a single armed citizen might have made a difference and saved lives but couldn’t because he or she was not allowed to have the tools for self defense.

I want satisfaction for every time I was compared with a terrorist, mass murderer and pedophile out there because I believe in the Second Amendment. For being told that having a pro-gun sticker in my vehicle was an invitation to be pulled over by the cops and treated like serial killer.

I want satisfaction for being processed like a criminal in order to buy and carry a handgun. To be treated like a second class citizen and be thought suspect because I did not want to depend on a call to 911 and the mercy of my attackers.

I want satisfaction for every citizen in New Orleans that was hunted, roughed up and disarmed under illegal orders and the whole situation applauded by the Anti Gunners as a “reasonable measure.”

I want satisfaction for every time an armed citizen could not access a public place because they practice Gun Apartheid with a Gun Free Zone sign and was forced to decide between becoming a victim or have to do without the good of service he needed.

I have more, but you get the idea. Anti Gunners offered a contract of perfect peace and harmony if people went their way. “No bad things will ever happen to you if you surrender to our cause” they said. They were fraudulent, immoral, criminal. Of course, no district or federal attorney will have the testicular fortitude to bring charges or no court will accept a trial for these crimes against our citizens and I can live with that. I’ll settle to see them become more and more irrelevant till they become the equivalent of the wino in a dark alley mumbling about UFOs, green unicorns and begging for a few cents to pay for the next quart of hooch. I don’t know but this sounds reasonable, Don’t you think?

H/T to Firing Pin Journal. You get to be the nice guy, I get to be the bad guy while agreeing on the subject 😉

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Mindset: Beats brawn any day.

You are young, ballsy and without morals. You see an elderly woman and think to yourself: “Hmmm! Easy pickings!” You do your thing and you go home sore and humbled. According to Miami’s Channel 7 News, it seems that’s what happened to a young punk in Hialeah who had a wee bit interaction with an tough old broad

The beating happened near West 35th Street and 12th Avenue. Police explained that the man knocked on the victim’s door while her husband was home and asked for directions. He left after she told him where to go.

He returned later and asked her to write down the directions and entered the home. By this time, the husband had left the house.

The subject then knocked the 77-year-old woman to the ground. Antonio Garcia, the victim’s husband, spoke through a translator, as he explained what happened next: “He pointed the gun at my wife and threatened to shoot her. She was able to knock the gun right out of his hand. Then, she swung her arm up, hitting him right in between his legs, and he ran off.”

Mindset is the ultimate weapon.

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If you happen to live in Seattle…

I would encourage you to go to the Starbucks on Pike Place at 10:30am where the loons of the Brady Bunch are planning on doina “lie in” (both in position and verisimilitude) protesting Starbuck’s decision to respect customers who carry guns legally.

Now, don’t engage in a confrontation, just go inside, order some coffee and sit down to read your favorite gun magazine. Make sure the magazine is visible to the loons, smile and excercise both your First and Second amendment rights. If addressed by the angry hippies, smile and wave.  Take pictures!

Hat Tip to Snowflakes In Hell.

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Daley: We haz rites, youse don’t

Mayor Richard M. Daley wants the ban to remain in place. He says local officials need flexibility to decide how best to protect their communities.

“We have the right for health and safety to pass reasonable laws dealing with the protection and health of the people of the city of Chicago,” Daley said.

He also said the rollback of the city’s handgun ban could lead to further erosion of legislation having to do with guns.

Source: CBS 2 Chicago.

No Papa Daley. Citizens have rights you have the duty of obeying and defending the Constitution.

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When Morons attack… pairs!

What happens when you combine a moron posing as a journalist and another moron posing as firearms safety?

Forensic expert Dan Austin speaks with In Session Host Ryan Smith about the weapon that was used to kill Amy Boscarino

Between the ‘journalist’ Ryan Smith commenting: “It might be used as a rifle when you really trying to aim and hit something.” (As opposed when you are trying to aim and miss something rifle?) and the firearms ‘expert’ Dan Austin saying that a 5.56 round “good for elephants” we have part three of Dumb and Dumber: When morons attack.

Extreme left is a 460 Weatherby Magnum used to hunt elephants. Sometimes it takes 2 or more shots to bring it down. On the extreme right is a 5.56 round which is just a barely improved 22 caliber bullet sitting a top of a lot of propellant. I wonder where Mr Austin got his ballistics and firearms expertise, Barbie school?

Hat tip to Say Uncle

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