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If you want, watch the video with audio and then mute. I want you to watch the body language of the attackers and how can you see their decision-making process that lead to the beat-down of the couple.

I noticed that the pack was following, possibly taunting them. The couple was already perceived as possibly weak, but they needed to make sure.  The couple allows to be “cornered” and the male separates from the female and one of the predators does a test run. The male returns to the female and instead of going aggressive at the attack, it engages in a passive embrace/shield with the female. Again he leaves the female (I have no frigging idea why) and this is the clue for the pack to initiate the attack: they fall on the woman and one comes from a blind spot and punches her. Again the male has the chance to go into hyper aggressive drive to change the dynamics of the encounter, but fails to do so and he is now (rightfully) perceived as target. About the only good thing that the male’s passiveness brings is that the pack goes chasing after him.

Then we see a smaller male coming out of the building, but he is not a grass-grazer and confronts the pack. The predators still manage to get a couple of more licks on the first male, but they eventually leave at the instance of the second male.

Lesson to learn: If you look like food, you will be eaten.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Predator pack attacking bigger but weak curd-chewers.”
  1. Imma guess that relationship won’t last much longer.

    Every now and again I’m asked for self defense advice, usually for young women. The first thing I advise is to not look approachable. Second, and probably a shocker to the gun control jihadists, take a martial arts class. I guess I’ll have to include, “don’t look edible”.

    1. I recommend to mimic the movements (Just a bit) of Big Cats or wolves when they are about to attack:head slightly forward & crouching in between the shoulders, direct glaze, slight narrowing of the eyes, look up and down at the target… that can be a bit nerving to a “predator” who may feel he is being targeted all of the sudden.


      F**k with their minds and you have won half the battle

    2. As soon as the narrator said “UK” I knew where this was going. They have bred a culture of softness in UK (and most of Europe for that part). Those people have effectively become Eloi, and the Molocks from the Middle East are taking over.

      I’ll admit I don’t carry all (or even most) of the time because it is just too difficult with all the “no guns on our property” rules. But I know the second that dude laid a hand on my wife (here in the US) he would have taken 3.8 inches of razor sharp VG-10 to the liver. But I am an American and “Fuck you, get off my property!” is reflexive in me.

      The Brits get attacked by a homegrown terrorist and they have a national debate on how to be more multicultural and tolerant and accepting of terrorists. We get attacked by a homegrown terrorist and we have a debate on whether or not we should allow more of our citizens to carry guns to kill the terrorists right back.

  2. At one point, he ran away and left her all alone. When he went and hugged her, he should have put his back to her and faced the thugs. My self, there would have been at least one dead thug and possibly 2 or three more at least wounded. Shoot the biggest one in the head or heart and the rest tend to run away. It’s rather sad really how far (formerly) Great Britain has fallen in the name of multiculturalism.

  3. It’s similar here in Germany – everyone, from kindergarten over school to media keeps telling you that “violence is no solution” and after 15, 20 years of indoctrination most believe this bullshit.
    And when they get attacked by a group of “young men” they try to de-escalate a situation that already escalated the second they were targeted.
    Young violent offenders routinely get probation and, I’m not kidding, martial arts courses as “anti-aggression training”.

  4. Showed this to my DH.
    His first comment, who gets to throw the first punch?
    He meant “us” of course. He’s also a gentleman, he told me, “Ladies first”.
    I’m over 50, and if I may look like food, you’re gonna get some indigestion.
    Heh heh heh
    Donna g

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