I had a very energetic disagreement with the wife this morning on a topic that drifted from the original complaint.

The point I was trying to make is still in my head so now it’s going down here because it needs to come out, like lancing a boil to drain the pus.

I am really starting to hate the liberalization going on through out Western religion, especially in reference to of sexual mores.

Personally I believe that Pope Francis is the final Pope of the Prophecy of Saint Malachy, and that is Progressive Communism s going to be the end of the Catholic Church.

But it’s not just the Catholic Church, it’s all churches, and synagogues or that matter.

I have no desire to go back to medieval religious practices, I am not Hasidim and I don’t want to be.  But at some point we have to ask ourselves “have we gone too far and what is the purpose of religion anyway?”

If you take an anthropological look at religion, the primary purpose is rules.  Religions create rules that govern how people behave.

We need rules.  People need boundaries.  A society cannot function without a common code of conduct.

In the world there is always the tug between the conservatives who believe deeply in doing thing according to the rules because they are the rules, and progressives who want to do new things because times change and the rules are old.

Jonathan Haidt gives a great TED talk on this.

I do not believe that rules are arbitrary created for no reason.

I believe that many religious rules are the product of observation and canonization of what worked for various reasons.

It is literally in Deuteronomy that you shouldn’t shit upstream of where you drink.  That’s a good rule.

If you look at what is and what isn’t Kosher, everything that isn’t Kosher is also the foods that have the highest rates of allergies and parasites that can affect humans.  Don’t eat the shrimp, it may kill you.

If progressives are more progressive than the Church (I use this for Western Judeo-Christian religion in general) should be the anchor of conservatism that holds society fast to the rules that worked.

Pull up the anchor of the Church and we find ourselves adrift in current of progressivism, and where that is taking us, there be dragons.

The area of liberalization right now that is killing me is sexual liberalization.

For the most part I don’t want to rule what people do in their private lives.

But we are not talking about private anymore, we are talking about public lives.  How we function as a society.  Like the Communists said “the personal life is dead,” everything is public now.

I have, and I am not the only one, documented the Left’s attempt to normalize pedophilia.  I have talked about the declining support of gay rights because of the more extreme positions taken by gay activists (e.g. suing cake bakers, 10 year olds showcased on pride parades, etc.).

But things are accelerating on the road to hell.

The top two girls track stars in Connecticut are biological boys.   The LGBT community is protesting USA Powerlifiting because it banned transwomen from competing with real women.  Now the LGBT community is trying to get sponsors pulled from Powerlifting.

I work out at a gym in Madison, Alabama.  There is a wall of pictures of people in the 500-1000-1500 club.  The numbers refer to the total weight a person lifts in bench press, squat, and dead lift.  The highest number for a woman on that wall is 675 lbs, and she is pretty beefy looking.  There are a lot of guys that don’t look particularly ripped who are over 1,000 lbs and one beefy looking guy at 1,625 lbs.  I know this isn’t a scientific sampling by any means, but the differences between males and females in powerlifting is self evident and the more radical wing of the LGBT community is actively denying reality.

For saying as much, lesbian icon Martina Navratilova has been cast out as a traitor by the LGBT community as a TERF.

In Canada, where Progressivism thrives, a Trans-bully has sued 16 different women in waxing spas for not wanting to handle his male genitalia.  What is worse, is this person is evidently a pedophile who trolls women’s bathrooms looking for young girls on their periods that he can “help.” When confronted with his insane behavior, he uses the protections of the Canadian Human Rights Counsel to bully his critics into shutting up for their supposed transphobia.

I have nothing for sympathy for individual people who may have Gender Identity Disorder, but this isn’t about individual people.  This is Progressives using a group with victim status to push their values onto society and into the public.  Those are very different things.

I’ve also covered the Progressive attempt to legalize and normalize prostitution as sex work, like it’s another service industry.

Despite what the Left says, tradition rules for sexual behavior are there for a reason.

And where is the Church, or Conservatism in general, on all of this?

Not were it should be.

It should be screaming at the top of its lungs “don’t act like libertine, hedonistic perverts in public.  Have some fucking self control.  Literally.”

But the liberalization of religion has made that passe.  You can’t do that anymore.

So what is the problem?

Push back.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  Society does well with a happy middle.  When something goes extreme to one side, the push back is usually extreme.

If you want a functioning society, you have to keep your policies moderate, where everyone is treated with a modicum of justice.

Without the anchor of Conservatism holding fast progressivism, we drift into extreme territory, and the push back will suck.

There is a company in Californa making prosthetic sexual organs for children, so that trans children can “pack” or “stuff” to more appear like the opposite gender.

Yes, this is real.  No, I am not linking to it.  If you want to witness that horror, find it yourself.

So one day soon you are going to read about a satanic drag queen reading a book to pre-pubescent children about how they can chose their own gender and how to select their overtly sexual, double entendre, drag name and then pull out a bunch of prosthetic attachments to demonstrate how 5 year old suzy can wear boy briefs…


Some third string  high school boy is going to grow out his hair to compete in girls wresting, in what turns out to be a violent grope fest that breaks the girls face when she is totally overpowered


A career counselor will tell a high school girl that giving handjobs and blowjobs is just as good a job as waiting tables while working through college and that there is no shame in being a sex worker…

And because nobody nipped this in the bud, some very protective dad is going to commit a hate crime.

And you know what… I’m not sure if I’m going to care all that much.

For exactly the same reason that I really don’t care all that much when some Soldiers of Odin find some gropey migrant harassing Swedish girls and rearrange the bones in his face with a cricket bat.

Maybe if the EU and Swedish police had cracked down on the raping migrants, Swedish men wouldn’t feel the need to defend their women since clearly the police won’t do it.

That pendulum is going to get pushed back hard in the other direction.

And I’m going to be the one saying:

“Look, you fuckers shoved that hard Left.  I warned you not to do that.  I said you were going to break the camel’s back and you wouldn’t like what happened next.  You didn’t listen.”

Consider that in the last week, we have heard about two stories of people in MAGA hats being violently assaulted.  Then here was the Covington Catholic kids, and the guy who threw a drink on a kid in a MAGA hat last year.

I am sure that soon, some Left freak will attack someone with a MAGA hat and catch a gut full of JHP because Mr. MAGA hat is a CCW.

Then guess what?  Yeah, fuck that guy in the colostomy hole in his side because that’s how they repair a gut shot.

So why do I reject the liberalism of our Conservative social institutions, like the Church , Boy Scouts, etc.?

Because if you don’t want violent push back you need something to tether progressives to the middle.  If that tether is gone, eventually some dad is going to not be progressive and curb stomp some freak in a dress who tries to help his 10 year old in a public bathroom with her tampon.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Reformation of the churches”
  1. Neil Smith made the interesting observation that our basic ethical rules (like “don’t start a fight”) are the only way carnivores (that’s us) can safely interact.

    On the Catholic church, I will believe they take child rape by church officials seriously when they start excommunicating offenders. Merely ejecting them from the priesthood, which they currently seem to think of as Draconian punishment, is little more than a slap on the wrist.

  2. “I am sure that soon, some Left freak will attack someone with a MAGA hat and catch a gut full of JHP because Mr. MAGA hat is a CCW.”

    I’m waiting to see that special moment on the progtard news, with baited breath and a nice bottle of Redneck Riviera whiskey. 😉

  3. I am a high school science teacher. I engage in this discussion every year. I explain that there are two genders: you either have a Y chromosome, or you do not. I had a parent recently threaten to take me by the arm and drag me to the principal’s office for being a transphobe who ignores science. I told that parent that, should they touch me, I would not only press charges, but defend myself from the assault.

    The student was removed from my class less than an hour later.

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