According to LBGTG Nation:

Less than half of Americans now accept LGBT people in a dangerous reversal of progress

According to The Daily Beast:

It’s Official: America Suddenly Isn’t Comfortable With LGBT People

For the first time in four years, GLAAD found that fewer non-LGBT adults are comfortable with their LGBT peers. The organization says Trump’s anti-LGBT agenda is partly to blame.

Both articles reference the same GLAAD study, and come to the same conclusion: TRUMP!

“This change can be seen as a dangerous repercussion in the tenor of discourse and experience over the last year,” Ellis wrote. “2017 brought heightened rhetoric toward marginalized communities to the forefront of American culture.”

In particular, Ellis cited President Trump’s attempt to ban transgender troops from the military via Twitter, Mississippi’s anti-LGBT law HB 1523, and the fatal violence against transgender people across the country as evidence that anti-LGBT rhetoric and sentiment was on the rise in 2017.

I have twice covered the fact that the transgender homicide issue is significantly overblown and the statistics do not indicate there is a unique problem of trans people being targeted for murder.

The popular wisdom was that 2017 was a uniquely awful year for LGBT Americans; the Accelerating Acceptance report is one of the first tangible signs of how bad it has been.

Unfortunately, the GLAAD survey also found that non-LGBT Americans may not have supported LGBT people as vigorously as they did in previous years—although they still technically support equal rights for LGBT people by a wide margin.

Why was 2017 such a bad year for LGBT?  Well, first there was Trump rounding up all the gay and trans people and having Reichsführer Pence electrocute the gay out of them.

Wait, no, that never happened.

I think this shift in opinion is not so much caused by Trump but caused by the same thing that created Trump.

In no particular chronological order:

The LGBT community has shot past bankrupting bakers who refuse to bake gay wedding cakes and is now destroying the livelihood of small business owners who answer hypotehetical questions abotu gay weddings.

The LGBT community has put a lot of effort into white washing the Pulse shooting.  The entire “Disarm Hate” movement and pop culture remembrance of Pulse is a collective delusion where a white, Christian, toxic male, shot a bunch of gays because he was asked to bake them a wedding cake, rather than a radicalized Muslim, inspired by ISIS.  These people go along with groups like Queers for Palestine and Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, standing up for gay executing terrorists against gay friendly Israel.

The side effect of aligning with the Muslims is the growing radical anti-Antisemitism in the LGBT community, exemplified by the Chicago Dyke March kicking out Jewish supporters.

The LBGT community, which once fought the association of gay men and pedophiles is now going after the sexualization of children with gusto.    They have satanic drag queens reading to children at a public library.  They have made a 10 year old drag queen their hero.

The trans movement is having teachers read about transgenderism to children in kindergarten.  Then the Boy Scouts was forced to accept trans boys into scouts.

The trans movement has decided its bigoted for a straight person not to be sexually attracted to a trans person, because “genital preference” is transphobic.  The rapper Ginuwine resisted an unwanted kiss from a transwoman on Big Brother UK and suffered internet backlash because of it.  Opining that not wanting to kiss a transwoman is not bigoted cost at least one comic book artist his job.

In general, the trans bathroom issue has made the entire national uncomfortable at addressing real problems, like what to do about creepy men in women’s bathrooms.

Then, there was the decriminalization of deliberately infecting people with HIV in California, in a measure pushed by a gay California representative.

It’s not that the LGBT community is under attack because of Trump, as much as it is that the LGBT community is now inseparable from radical, far Left leaning, progressivism.    Many Americans can’t stand politically correct, Liberal fascism.  they voted for Trump because he seemed to fight against that.  When the LGBT community seems to be on a seek and destroy mission against Middle American businesses, children, and honored institutions like Scouts, there will be push back.  If Trump had anything to do with this, it is that he has shown he’s not afraid to stand up to the PC fascism.

GLAAD is putting the car before the horse.

I don’t think Americans are more concerned about what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home as much as the defacto symbol of the LGBT community has become this.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The gay echo chamber”
  1. There is no change in people opinion, there is just more people willing to admit what they really think.

  2. Most people will start to get a little pissed when you tell them what to think, how to live, and who they should be attracted to or have sex with. Just sayin’

  3. So in short, acceptance of GBLT culture was on the rise, as long as they tried to convince us they were normal people just like us. The moment they started acting like a bunch of toxic, intolerable, shrieking harpies, the pushback occurred.

    Wonder who could have seen that coming.

    1. For decades the claim was they were asking for tolerance. They got that. Then they wanted celebration, and some joined in. Now they want participation…

  4. The real problem is that we have plum run out of Fscks to Give.
    Too much over harvesting has depleted everyone’s supply.

  5. […] only one, documented the Left’s attempt to normalize pedophilia.  I have talked about the declining support of gay rights because of the more extreme positions taken by gay activists (e.g. suing cake bakers, 10 year olds showcased on pride parades, […]

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