This is from the wife of the worst mayor in New York City history:

She’s talking about attacks like this one in on Queens:

That’s a lot of potentially lethal violence.

So what specifically does McCray suggest people do?

She has a list:


Now watch this attack on an Asian man in San Francisco:


Three assailants, lots of punches and kicks.

Tell me how distracting these three men will go?

Will they give up attacking that elderly man and attack me instead?

Will they kick the shit out of both of us?

Am I just supposed to watch this unfold and record it on my cellphone so the police can do nothing later?

These thugs are doing this in a place with a security camera, it’s clear they don’t give a shit about getting caught.

If they see me recording it, will they kick the shit out of me to stop me from being a witness?

I’d be happy to intervene on behalf of an elderly man getting beaten up and robbed.  The thing is, any intervention is going to require me as an individual to have superior force to three violent individuals, which means gun.

The problem is, in NYC or San Francisco, or all the places where this anti-Asian violence is rampant, are anti-gun.  So the violent criminals have the upper hand which is precisely why this happens.

If you want me to step up and help my neighbors when I see them get attacked, I can do that, I just need concealed carry, legal protections when I use lethal force in the defense of the innocent, and protection from BLM/Antifa when I ventilate some thugs.

But since I’m not going to get any of that, your requests just put me in danger.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Sure, but I’d need some gun rights first”
  1. Who wants to interfere when you know there’s an even chance you might wind up tarred as a racist for interfering in the first place?

    Let’s change the dynamic slightly. You’re not JkB, you’re Kung Fu Jesus, capable of fighting a dozen men barehanded and leaving them on the ground while you walk away unmussed.

    You go Tiger Style on these aforementioned three thugs, I would put money on the prospect of you being targeted for ‘violating their civil rights’ and ‘vigilantism’.

    It’s not JUST gun rights. It’s the whole idea of self defense and defense of others that they want to destroy, just as it has in formerly Great Britain.

  2. “Ignore the harasser and engage directly with the person who is being targeted by asking a question like, ‘What time is it?’”

    Damn, that’s some stupid, ineffective $hit.

    1. The only way this works out is if you follow up ‘What time is it?’ with ‘IT IS NOW EASTERN PAIN TIME AND IT IS DAN O’CLOCK’ before sucker-punching the guy.

  3. What are the chances she would put any of her own suggestions into practice herself? Right, we know the answer to that.

    1. She has New York’s finest as her personal body guard. Would she “Delegate” and ask them to intervene? If so would they calmly, and assertively ask the attacker(s) to quit or would they ventilator the attacker(s), the victim, and any other bystanders?

  4. I like the idea of taking notes.
    So, if the beating is going to fast, ask the one who is doing the attacking if he/she could slow down so you can get it all correct or ask him/her if they could do it again because you weren’t able to get it the first time.

  5. Reminds me of something I read several years ago when Bush Jr. wanted to invade Iraq.

    How to deal with a pacifist.
    1. Listen politely as they explain that violence is never the answer, and it only brings more violence in return.
    2. Without warning, punch them right in the nose. Hard.
    3. Be careful, they may try to hit you in retaliation.
    4. Repeat everything they were saying about violence never being the answer, and it only leads to more violence.
    5. Right in the middle of reminding them what they just told you, hit them in the nose again. Try to knock them down.
    6. Repeat until they get the point.

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