Because the Left will use what few gun rights they will allow you to have as leverage against you for compliance with all their other machinations.

“Do you want to be allowed to own a single shot 22?  Then submit yourself to daily anal COVID swabs, indefinite masking, and we’re gonna put your kid on puberty blockers.”

The more they push this way the more I want to push the other.

Tell me I need a vaccination to get a carry permit the more I want to be able to go to a store, buy a full auto subgun, and carry it without a permit, tax stamp, or background check.  Just because fuck you.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “This is why we need 50 state constitutional carry and an end to the NFA”
  1. “It settled down. Those who had to travel got passports, diehards quit traveling. Guard at a tube gate became two men, one looked at passports while other stood back with gun drawn. One who checked passports did not try hard, which was well as most were counterfeit and early ones were crude. But before long, authentic paper was stolen and counterfeits were as dinkum as official ones–more expensive but Loonies preferred free-enterprise passports.”

    Just saying…

    1. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress?

      This part got me thinking…
      “But before long, authentic paper was stolen and counterfeits were as dinkum as official ones–more expensive but Loonies preferred free-enterprise passports”

      More expensive … but avoids official records and database of people wishing to travel… Hmm…

      1. Yup. Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

        And yeah, Heinlein certainly planted some seeds for things to ponder.

    2. Why microchips will replace paper, harder to counterfeit and more info can be stored. Note, I did not say impossible to counterfeit, just harder, and more expensive. The poor and middle class will have no choice, the criminals and political elite (I know, redundant) won’t care.

  2. Just curious how they will argue requiring a vaccine passport for voting is somehow not a good thing.

  3. You already know every court would declare it constitutional. Even SCOTUS in its current configuration.

    I have not gotten a vaccine and I refuse to get what is still an experimental treatment that was rushed into production with emergency FDA approval. What if the J&J vaccine does something crazy like make it 500% more likely you got a blood clot in five years? People start having strokes. Or how the Pfizer vaccine messes with part of the reproductive system and may make women infertile or increase birth defects? I suspect it may be overblown but conspiracies do have a kernel of truth behind them.

    And here’s the thing: they are all immune from lawsuits. So you can’t sue them if they massively fucked up.

  4. Or, since one is a constitutionally protected right and the other isn’t …

    Idea: make a gun permit or carry license a precondition for a vaccine.
    You don’t have to buy or carry the gun, just get the permit/license.

    Now let’s all sit back and watch the red-tape associated with permits get some intelligent scrutiny.

    1. I still like the premise in Neil Smith’s graphic novel “Roswell, Texas” — even though strictly speaking it isn’t quite libertarian. (He postulates an alternate reality Republic of Texas where there is a requirement to be armed, though if you really want to you get get a permit to be unarmed.)

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