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to each what he deserves

This is the main gate of Buchenwald concentration camp.  The motto translates “To each what he deserves.”

I know that some dislike the use of concentration camps and Nazi atrocities when we talk why we need a Second Amendment, but when we have active Gun Control groups who have no problem with concentration camps in this country of ours  and that even a massacre of innocents is a good thing for the country as long as they eventually, sometime in the future they are vindicated in court.

Unfortunately, that vindication in the future comes at a steep price and the currency is human life:

Buchenwald 1 Buchenwald 2 Buchenwald 3 Buchenwald 4

That anybody can actually argue that violations of the most basic human rights at this level can be permitted for more than one second just because there is a “system” in place to address them legally sometime in the future represents a callousness that scares the hell out of me and should scare you. That those individuals call themselves Americans, vote and want to have influence on how legislation is crafted and applied is just too much to accept.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on ““To each what he deserves.””
  1. I have a very controversial view on Nazis.

    I wouldn’t dare say for a moment that anything they did was justified, reasonable, or remotely acceptable. Rounding up any group of people like they did and attempting to purge them is among the most vile examples of just how wicked man can be, and the holocaust is both sad and terrible.

    However, the existence of Nazism in human history is an important landmark. Part of the reason it was able to get so bad is because prior to World War 2, Jews were subject to gross racism world-wide. There’s a reason that even now they have a reputation for being miserly, and to “Jew” someone is an offensive racial slur referring to acting in a miserly manner, and it took a fascist dictator rounding them up and trying to exterminate them to remind us that THIS IS WRONG!

    It would have been better if the Holocaust had never happened, to be sure. It would have been better if the social mindsets that led up to it had never existed. Unfortunately, they did, and in a way, it’s good that it did happen, because it gives us an event to look back on, and remember that doing that is wrong, and we should all work together to ensure that nothing like that ever happens again.

    And sadly, today, people are forgetting. And if they do, there will be another Holocaust.

    1. I think that it is shocking because this is the first time we were able to have graphin proof of the amazing capacity for utmost cruelty that humans can develop with the proper motivation.
      And you are right, we are forgetting because news are even more filtered than ever and God Forbid we make our viewers lose their lunch with some awful images. It was not too long ago that almost 800,000 people were massacred in a short time in Rwanda and it is barely a bleep in the footnotes of History.

  2. For the record, my dad is a New York Jewish liberal (and a Bill Clinton bundler). The one issue that he was less than, left of center on was guns. He had uncles who died in the camps in Germany and that really affected his outlook. My brother, sister, and I were taught to shoot because when we say “never again” we can back that up.

    I have watched the Democrat party swing more and more to anti-semitism. It is clear that the highest ranks of the Dems are filled with ideological jew haters. (See my comment in THE GOOD INTENTIONS OF A CRIMINAL OR A LIBERAL FALLACY THAT WON’T DIE.)

    If you go to a peace rally, ANSWER/anti-war rally, OWS rally, half of the signs are anti-semitic, down to the point where they look like they came out of Germany in the 30’s.

    I don’t feel that your linking the 2A to the Holocaust is wrong. After watching the pro-Gaza/anti-semitic rally in Chicago over the weekend (which is practically in my back yard), I am convinced that if a the jew haters attacked American jews with murderous intent, the current powers that be will hem and haw and morally equivocate and only protect the jews that bought $50K/plate fundraiser tickets, while the rest of us get thrown to the wolves.

    I hear people outside my window chanting “free free Palestine, jews to the gas” and I make sure my guns are cleaned, oiled, and the mags are topped off.

    1. I have a friend who’s an Orthodox Jew(and one of the best DnD game masters I’ve ever met) and his family, likewise, means it when they say “never again.”

      Anybody who pays any amount of attention notices very quickly that Liberals are only opposed to bigotry when the targets are also Liberals. Otherwise, they won’t just not punish the slurs, hate speech and atrocities, they’ll outright support and encourage them.

      They accuse Conservatives of hate because they’re filled with so much hate they don’t know any other way to interact with their fellow man.

      1. Leftists are only opposed to bigotry when it’s politically useful TO THEM. Watch how often they use slurs revolving around homosexuality, and how easily they slur lower-income whites.

  3. One wonders how WW2 would have gone if Europe was more like Switzerland and less into gun control.
    I’m pretty sure that in 1937-38, few in Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, France or Denmark had any idea of what they would be in for.

  4. I would throw my body on the pile, consider it duty discharged, to guarantee “never again”. I look at the beautiful blond haired, hazel to green eyed woman who shares my life, my name and my bed, and understand that though she has converted to Christianity, she is hated for her blood. If home, family, what is right and love are not worth fighting to defend, then what is?

  5. J & Ken Ostos —

    I’m not Jewish, and I’ve believed “Never Again” since I honestly understood there were evil people who need to be stopped with force. And that those Christians who fall fighting to end such are as fully martyrs as any executed by Rome.

    Of course, this was nurtured in me from birth, as an Army brat and later in Catholic school where, as early as second grade, the nuns were adamant that Communists and Nazis were both evil people who needed Good Men with guns to stop them. And the lessons were taught with photographs from the camps, the Holodomor, and the Killing Fields. (Why, yes, the nuns were “old school” Dominicans, this was right after Vietnam, the school was walking distance from Fort Monroe, and about half of the students were military brats, why do you ask?)

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