Although we covered Colt’s announcement over a week ago. It seems that only in the last couple of days  the full “impact” was felt around the social media and, of course, the boys and girls of Gun Control. But as I always warn, read the original document before you get your undies all in torsion. Why? Because in some instances like Gun Control’s (and unfortunately some gun owners) favorite Fake Media Outlet, The Trace, had no qualms being “obfuscative” about the truth:

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But I must congratulate one particularly virulent Gun Controller who actually delivered the truth in her Twitter feed: Alyssa Milano.

But wait, there is more (bad news)! Buddy Dan Roberts was kind enough to compile a list of AR-15 manufacturers still out there. They rank from mass producers to customs shops and just to save you time, I’ll tell you that there are 279 of them.

And to think that when Clinton signed int law the Assault Weapons Ban, I recall there were only 4 of them, Colts being one.

Unintended Consequences, y’all.

1 2 Vets Arms Company, LLC
2 Adams Arms
3 ADCOR Defence
4 Addax
5 ADEQ Firearms Company
6 Advanced Defense Sysems (ADS)
7 Aeroprecision
8 AGP Arms
9 Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply
10 Alexander Arms
11 All Weapons One
12 Allstar Tactical LLC
13 Alpha Shooting Sports
14 Ambush Firearms
15 Ameetech*
16 American Precision Arms
17 American Spirit Arms
18 American Tacitcal Imports (ATI)
19 American Weapon Systems
20 Anderson Manufacturing
21 Anvil Arms*
22 AR 15 Plus
23 AR Permformance
24 AR15 Depot
25 AR15 .com Armament Rifle
26 AR57 Center
27 Ardel Engineering (AE)
28 Ares Arms LLC.
29 Ares Defense
30 Arizona Armory (AZ)
31 Armalite
32 Armitage International LTD
34 Arm’s Tech LTD
35 Astra Arms
36 ATT Tactical
37 AXTS Weapons
38 Balimoy
39 Barnes Precision
40 Barret Firearms Manufacturing
41 Bartlett Enterprises
42 Battle Born Rifles
43 Battle Rifle Company
44 Bazooka Brothers Manufacturing
45 Black Dawn
46 Black Diamond SOCOM Mfg.
47 Black Gold cusom Arms
48 Black Heart International
49 Black Hole Weaponry
50 Black Rain
51 Black Scorpion Firearms
52 Black Weapons Armory
53 Blackthorne
54 BMG Inc
55 Bohica Arms
56 Bradley Arms
57 Branch Custom Weaponry
58 Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM)
59 Bushmaster Firearms International
60 C3 Defense
61 Cavalry Arms*
62 Centurion Arms
63 Centurion Tactical
64 Century
65 Century Arms
66 Charles Daly
67 Chattahoochee Gun Works LLC
68 Chengdu Hongguag Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd
69 Chiappa Firearms
70 Christensen Arms
71 Christian Armory Works (CAW)
72 CIV Tactical
74 CMS*
75 Cobra Tactical
77 Compass Lake Engineering (CLE)
78 Conquest Arms
79 Controlled Chaos Arms
80 Core15
81 Crusader Weaponry
82 D.S. Arms
83 Dalphon Firearms*
84 Daniel Defense
85 Dedicated Technology
86 Delaware Machinery
87 Delta Arms Company
88 Del-Ton
89 Denny’s Guns
90 Detroit Gun Works
91 Diemaco*
92 Dlask Arms
93 Double Diamond Law Enforcement Supply
94 Double Star
95 DPMS / Panther Arms
96 Dreadnaught Industries
97 Duty Precision Machinery Shops (DPM Shops)
98 Eagle Arms
99 East Coast Gun Sales
100 Echigoya
101 Edward Arms
102 Elite Arms
103 Essential Arms
104 Fabrique Nationale
105 Firebird Precision
106 Frankford Arsenal
107 Franklin Armory
108 Frozen North Firearms*
109 Fulton Armory
110 GA Precision (GAP)
111 Galati International
112 GAR Arms
113 Global Tactical
114 GM Corp.*
115 Good Time Outdoors Inc
116 Grenadier Precision*
117 Group Industries*
118 GT Vertical Concepts (GTVC)
119 Gun Smoke Enterprises
120 H&H Enterprises
121 Harrington and Richarson (H&R)*
122 Hatcher Gun Company
123 Head Down Products
124 Hecklor and Koch
125 Henderson Defense
126 Hera Arms
127 Hera Arms, Germany
128 Hesse
129 High Mountain Hunting Supply
130 High Standard Manufacturing Company
131 Hogan guns
132 Holland Gun Works
133 Houlding Precision
134 Huldra Arms
135 Integrity Arms and Survival
136 Iron Ridge Arms
137 JARD Inc.
138 JD Machine
139 JP Enterprises
140 JSE Surplus
141 Kaiser Defense
142 Kiss Tactical
143 Knights Armament Co. (KAC)
144 Kurt’s Kustom Firearms (KKF)
145 L&G weaponry
146 Lancer Systems
147 Land Warfare Research Company (LWRC)
148 Lantac, UK
149 LAR Grizzly
150 LaRue
151 Lauer Custom Weaponry (LCW)
152 LBR Arms
153 Legion Firearms
154 Les Bauer
155 Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT)
156 Liberty Arms
157 Liberty Tactical
158 Loki
159 Lone Wolf Distributing
160 M Weapons
161 Mack Gwinn Industries (?) (MGI)
162 Magpul
163 Mattel Corp.*
164 McKay Enterprises LLC.
165 Mean Metal Inc
166 Medesha Fireamrs
167 Mega Arms
168 Model 1 Sales
169 Mohawk Armory
170 Molot
171 Mossberg
172 National Ordinance Company
173 New Evolution Military Ordinance (NEMO)
174 New Frontier Armory
175 Next Generation Arms
176 Nodak
177 Nordic Components
178 Norinco
179 North East Arms
180 Noveske
181 Oberland Arms, Gemany
182 Olympic Arms
183 Palmetto State Armory
184 Palmetto State Defense
185 Para – USA
186 Patriot Defense Arms
187 Patriot Ordinance (POF)
188 Plum Crazy
189 Precision Firearms
190 Precision Guncraft
191 Predator Custom Shop
192 Predator Tactical
193 PRI Uppers
194 Primary Weapons Systems (PWS)
195 ProArms
196 PWA*
197 Quality Arms
198 Quentin Defence
199 R Guns
200 Rainer Arms
201 Ratworx
202 RCM Gun Parts
203 Red Jacket Firearms
204 Red X Arms
205 Remington
206 RGM inc
207 Rifle Dynamics
208 RifleGear
209 RND
210 Rock Island Arsenal
211 Rock River Arms
212 Rocky Mountain Arms
213 Roggio Arsenal
214 Ruger
215 S I Defense
216 Saber Tactical
217 Sabre Defence*
218 Schmeisser, Germany
219 Scorpion Tactical
220 Seekins Precision
221 Senda Corp*
222 Sendra
223 SGW*
224 Shadow Ops Weaponry
225 Sharps Rifle Company/Sharps rifle
226 Sig Arms
227 Sionics
228 Smith & Wesson
229 SNS Industries*
230 SOCOM Mfg.
231 Sog Arms
232 Sonju Defense
233 Southern Gun Co.
234 Specialized Dynamics
235 Specialized Tacitcal Systems
236 Spike’s Tactical
237 Stag Arms
238 State of the Art Arms (SOTA)
239 Sterling Arsenal
240 Stinger Arms
241 Sun Devil
242 Superior Arms
243 Suplus Ammo and Arms
244 Tactial Weapons Solutions
245 Tactical Ammunition
246 Tactical Arms Manufacturing
247 Tactical Innovations
248 Tactical Machining
249 Tactics LLC*
250 Templar Custom
251 Templar Tactical Arms
252 Teppo Jutsu LLC.
253 Thompson Machine
254 Thor Glocal Defense
255 Timberwolf Tactical
256 Titan Ordinance
257 TKS Engineering
258 TNW Firearms
259 Tommy15
260 Top Notch Tacitcal (TNT)
261 Triplett Firearms
262 Tromix
263 U T Arms
264 Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group
265 US Fireams Academy
266 USA Tactical Firearms
267 Valkyrie Arms
268 Vidalia Police Supply
269 Vltor
270 Vulcan Armament
271 WFC Proshop
272 White Oaks Armament
273 Wilson Combat
274 Windham Weaponry
275 Xtreme Machinig
276 Yankee Hill Machine (YHM)
277 Z M Weapons
278 Zel Custom Manufacturing
279 Zombie Defense

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “The Antis celebrating Colt not selling to Civilian Market as show of their might. (Stop giggling)”
  1. Looking at my post on good deals, you can currently build an AR-15 for less than $300. A Colt of comparable quality is around $1,000.
    If you wanted to build a high quality one, you can do so for around $1,500, and Colt doesn’t even make one of comparable quality.
    They are right, the AR-15 market is very competitive and has small margins. Colt just can’t keep up.

  2. Didn’t see Bear Creek Arsenal. Although they only make uppers I think. I have a spare lower I’m thinking of turning into a 7.62×39 build. But doing it the way I want plus a few magazines would be another $600-$700 I do not have. And then there is the question of reliability.

  3. Add another to the list:

    Ground Zero Precision/ Black Dirt Rifle Works Of Sherman, Texas.

    Superior firearms excellent rifles.

  4. Foxtrot Mike – pistol caliber ARs

    And any number of manufacturers who make other types of semiauto rifles. Such as, for instance, K&M Arms – they make bullpups that use AR magazines, and fairly standard (if somewhat relocated) AR controls and a number of interchangeable internals such as extractors. (Very nice bullpups with good stock triggers, for that matter.)

    1. (for some reason I couldn’t edit my comment, although I was apparently “in time”)

      I have to ask, however, how many of those companies on the list are active. Loki, for instance, was making a nice patrol rifle back in 2011, but I can’t find any current company under that name offering rifles for sale. (Granted my DuckDuckGoFu isn’t the best.) The market over the past several years may have taken a number of the smaller ones out as well.

  5. Many, including I, have said this is the golden age of ARs.

    Not just complete firearms, but every part and accoutrement available.Six packs of lowers for $210.00. parts that greatly exceed previous quality for much lower prices. NOW IS THE TIME.

  6. The problem I run into these days, now that I usually assemble my own rather than buy a complete rifle, is where to store them where Mrs. B won’t notice a new one appearing.

    Other than that, however, the issue I find is of small parts. It sucks to be about done with a build, and find you’re missing the plunger and spring for the bolt catch. Apart from the time delay, the shipping often exceeds the cost of the part.

    Granted, of course, this is definitely more of an annoyance than a problem, as such.

  7. When are ignorant people going to realize it’s mental instability behind the gun. That’s what we continue to ignore. Reagan closed hundreds of mental institutions during his administration. Now we give them drugs and put them in jail instead of trying to help them. I will admit better background checks should have happened years ago

  8. Highly distributed manufacturing and sales outlets are in our best interest. I want to see all kinds of small and medium players in every sector of our industry.

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