Anybody who has spent (wasted?) a decent amount time reading this blog, knows about “Read The Text.” Whenever possible, especially when related to legal and law issues, I just do not state something or mindless repeat it as gospel but look for the source and post it so you can also read it and make your own decisions. We have seen many times where the professional Media willfully confuses a subject by partially describing a particular legislation or just give it a false orientation in order to make it politically unpalatable to their consumers. How many articles where Stand Your Ground was and is still mentioned are absolutely wrong and may be done just on purpose because it goes against the official Narrative that Self-Defense is “Taking Justice in Your Own Hands…Bad… M’Kay”?

And when it comes to fixing mistakes and correct false information, we have always been upfront and do so, provided we are shown the proper sources. Plenty readers have told us “Hey dudes! That thing your wrote? Totally bogus! LOL! Here’s the real stuff.” And we hang our heads in shame, admit we were taken, thank you heartly for your care and make the appropriate corrections because it is the deal we undertook when doing this blog.

If you come to us and demand a correction or retract support from a position or person, you better back it up with evidence because already being a dick from the get-go is not going to go well.

Case in point, Recon Medical mentioned many times in this blog as purveyor of tourniquets, seems was sued and lost for copyright/trademark/patent/etc. violation issues.  This kind of stuff is not something surprising for me, don’t forget I come from the Music Business World and lawsuits about somebody stealing some song from somebody else are older than Rock itself.

Here is the exchange I had about this thing:

Now, one thing is a trademark violation (And I did find one legal document online supporting the story of the lawsuit) but a screwy, unreadable screen capture simply does not cut it, especially when you forcefully state/suggest the TQ are shit. If I politely ask you for the evidence of your statement, adding the word “FUCKING” is not proof enough for anybody with functioning neurons.

The initial exchange happened almost 24 hours ago and still no evidence or transcript has been provided about the alleged lackluster quality of the TQs. Personally, I have not found the TQs to be bad, nor have the persons who have bought it come to me and complain about the quality of the devices, and that includes a couple of serious instructors who I know used them over and over as teaching prop.

And to close this post, I add a screen cap form Recon Medical’s Facebook page regarding the quality claims.

That is all for now.

Always Read the Text


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “What part of “Read the Text” some people still do not get?”
  1. For small companies it may be too much to expect, but a good way to look at quality questions is to ask if the company has ISO 900x certification for its quality processes. That doesn’t guarantee quality, strictly speaking. But what it does is confirm that the company has documented quality processes and runs its business in a way that matches the documentation. So, assuming that those processes are chosen to verify quality, it means the products indeed should have quality.

  2. I have a personal theory that people hear what they WANT to hear and when reading something they read what they want to read. Look on stupidbook and you will see many examples of people proving how freakin dumb they actually are when commenting on a post…

  3. I get your point Miguel, but you are wrong about this one.

    Recon Medical basically sold Chinese made, airsoft grade cosplay accessories as lifesaving medical equipment.

    I went looking for the quoted “document 255″, it’s behind the 9th circuit PACER legal document paywall. The case number is ” 2:17 CV 01755 MMD-VCF ” if anyone has access and wants to pay to download it.

    I do have a good copy of the document image that was posted on Facebook.

    Recon Medical Document 255 excerpt


    The main problem is that the medical device you are defending is not actually Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) approved.

    In other words, it hasn’t been tested and proved to actually work.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no evidence they work. Admittedly, that also means there is no evidence that they don’t.

      And this is what gets me: I believe the bad mouthing about quality is more out of defense of the original maker than actual testing done or experience in the field. I understand brand loyalty, but it can be taken a bit far.
      I won’t recommend Recon Medical because of the patent issue, but I won’t go to the point of saying it is Airsoft crap when even the cheerleaders of the original TQ can’t present the evidence.

      1. “Unfortunately, there is no evidence they work. Admittedly, that also means there is no evidence that they don’t.”

        That’s not how it works with medical devices, you have to prove that it functions and keep track of problems.

        “I understand brand loyalty, but it can be taken a bit far.”

        This isn’t about loyalty to a brand, it is about whither a life medical device will work when you need it.

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